Meet Mrs. Butler

Meet Mrs. Jacki Butler


Before I was a teacher, I was a wife and mother. Both of my children started Kindergarten at Erving and continued through the Woodhaven Brownstown School District until they graduated from Woodhaven High School. (As an added note, ALL of my nieces and nephews also were Woodhaven students from Kindergarten through graduation!) As a parent, I was actively involved in and participated in a wide variety of events. My participation gave me a first hand look at the quality education offered by our school district.

Even though I started my college education right after I graduated from high school,I took a pause in my education when I got married and had my children. I was happy that I was able to stay home with my children prior to their school years.  However, once my youngest child reached first grade, I decided to return to college and continue working on my degree.

As part of my undergraduate studies in education, I did my student teaching at Erving. In December of 1989, I graduated from Eastern Michigan University. My majors were Elementary Education and Math. In addition, I earned two minors: Science and English Language Arts. My post graduate work has been through Eastern Michigan University and Mary Grove College where I majored in individualized education.

From 1989 through 1993, I worked as a substitute teacher in 22 different schools throughout 3 school districts. I taught everything from Kindergarten through High School Calculus. I also taught Adult Education in the evenings and did private tutoring.  These experiences gave me an opportunity to develop my own teaching skills.

In 1993, I happily accepted a full time teaching position in our district. My first full time teaching assignment was at Brownstown Middle School where I taught Reading. Then, there was a shift with the student population and I was transferred to Erving in 1994, where I have taught 3rd grade ever since.

Teaching is my passion and I am looking forward to another GREAT year at Erving!