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Welcome to Mrs. Butler's

3rd Grade Realm

Dear Families,

Needless to say, these past couple of weeks have been highly unusual, due to the inclement weather.  Personally, I am happy to be returning to my classroom today.  I missed my students and I am happy to regaining our routine!  Since we've had so many unplanned days off lately, I have very few papers to return in this week's progress report. 

We have completed the first volume of our Journeys Reading book and we are starting on Unit 4, Lesson 16 in our second volume today.  This week, we will be working on rewriting paragraphs to include more vivid details with our Reading Response Practice.  Originally, I planned on having a quiz on Friday, February 8th.  However, since we had a snow day on February 6th, I am postponing this quiz until Monday, February 11, 2019.

For spelling, we will be working on Unit 4, Lesson 16.  I gave the students their spelling lists for Lessons 16 through 20 to keep in their Take Home binder, along with their Spelling Tic Tac Toe assignment for Lesson 16.  Also, I will be integrating cursive with spelling, since we have practiced all of the alphabet letters already.

Originally, I planned on having a Social Studies test on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019, covering Chapter 4, Lessons 1-3.  Students will be given a test review on Tuesday.  Again, since we had a snow day on 2-6-19, I am postponing the test until Friday, Feb, 8th.  Students received a test review on Tuesday (2-5-19) and we will discuss it in class on Thursday.  Then, I will collect it on Friday, before the test is given.

We will be having our classroom Valentine's Party on Thursday, February 14, 2019, beginning at 2:00 PM.  Parents who have current ichat forms on file in the office are welcome to come. 

We will be making Valentine bags in class before the party, so that the students can collect cards from classmates.  Students have the option of passing out Valentines to the other students in class, providing that they have one for each child in class, with nobody being excluded.  Some children like to pass out their Valentines randomly.  Others like to write their classmates' names on their Valentines.  For those who want to do this, I am providing a list of first names of my students, as they appear in my grade book.  Here are my students' first names:

Sabrina             Brooklynn                      Jax                   Weston             Caleb               Brielle               Jamari

Matthew           Layla                            Gavin               Leon                 Joel                  Madisen            Ahmad

Giovanny          Ca'Ron                         Lila                   Zachary            Kayden             Lucas               Kaylee



My best,

Mrs. J. Butler
3rd Grade Teacher
Erving Elementary School
Woodhaven-Brownstown Schools

(734) 692-2212 Ext. 2314