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Dear Families,

We had our first Weekly ELA test this past week, but it was just a practice test and we worked on it together, so it was not scored.  I wanted the students to get an idea how the tests were formatted and explain the question stems.  This week, we will have another Weekly ELA, but this one will be scored.  I will coach the students with the question stems, but they will make their own responses.

Social Studies:  We will be having our first Social Studies test on Thursday, October 5, 2017.  Students will be given a test review on Tuesday, Oct. 3rd to work on in class.  Then, they will be directed to bring it home on Tuesday night to study and have a parent sign the review.  ‚Äč(I posted the Test Review in the Social Studies link.)  Next, students will bring the review back to class on Wednesday, Oct. 4th.  On Wednesday, we will go through the entire review and discuss each question.  Students will check their own reviews and make any corrections needed at this time.  Then, students will be instructed to bring it home again that evening to continue studying and preparing for the test.  On Thursday, I will collect the test review to record in my grade book.  Afterwards, I will give the students the test.  (Students will not be allowed to use the review or their book when they take the test.)

Apples for Ryan:  Erving will be collecting canned goods this week, between today and Thursday.  Items collected will be distributed to local food banks to help those who are in need.

Erving will be collecting Box Tops for Education all year long.  Students can bring them into class at anytime.  Thank you for your support! 

Reminder:  Students are expected to Read at home for at least 60 minutes per week and practice their Math facts for at least 30 minutes.  Students are expected to fill out their Weekly Home Reading Log and Weekly Home Math Log each week.  Both are due on Mondays.

My best,

Mrs. J. Butler
3rd Grade Teacher
Erving Elementary School
Woodhaven-Brownstown Schools

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